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Professional data recovery

             If you have lost your data, and they are very important to you, we encourage you not to experiment in the absence of experience in this field. We do not recommend you to recover lost data by yourself, because such tests often doubles or even triple the price of data recovery. Amateur experiments only complicate data recovery, and some cases impossible.
             If the hard disk can hear extraneous sounds, you have to shut down your computer as soon as possible or if it is an external storage medium you have to disconnect the power. One should avoid any contact with the faulty media. In that case we recommend you to use our data recovery service. Using our services you will avoid high-risk and save your cash.
            You can lose the data from every medium. Each year data lose one of ten computers. Data loss is not only undesirable in business sector, but also from a personal data storage media. Event of failure of hard drive is practically always possible to recover the data, of course if everything is done under certain conditions. 
             In data recovery process we use special hardware and software, which is designed for professional data recovery. Our task is to successfully recover the data.

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